Like most wildlife-lovers, Claire cares deeply about the planet and has recently started to make changes in her work to protect the environment. She now has an ‘Eco Range’ which you can see below. Her aim is to eventually transition to painting solely in this way.

What are the ‘Eco Paintings’?

Claire makes her own non-toxic and environmentally-friendly paints, using natural earth pigments and a plant-based acrylic medium. Only water is needed to thin the paint and clean brushes, avoiding the need for any nasty chemicals. She then paints onto raw, unprimed linen and frames the pictures with driftwood collected in Sussex. Linen is a natural fibre that comes from the flax plant. In order to grow, flax requires 60% less water than cotton and far fewer chemicals (if any). It can even be used to cleanse and revive contaminated soil and has a high rate of carbon absorption.

In addition, Claire has prints made of her eco paintings which are printed with water-based inks, involving no chemicals or solvents. They are also printed onto linen.

Collaboration with David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

As a child, Claire was particularly inspired by the work of the artist and conservationist, David Shepherd CBE FRSA FGRA, and was lucky enough to meet him in 2012, when he gave her a personal tour of his studio, as well as the opportunity to watch him paint. She is delighted now to be able to collaborate with the charity he established, the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

25% of profits from the sale of Claire's eco range products are donated to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, registered charity no. 1106893.