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From a very young age, Claire has had a passion for wildlife, along with a love of drawing, painting and photography. Her favourite subjects include foxes and hares. A self-taught artist, she paints in oils and uses a variety of textures to bring the canvas to life.

For her photography, Claire uses Canon cameras and lenses, and enjoys using fieldcraft techniques to get close to her subjects. Indeed, her camouflage was once so effective that an oystercatcher landed on her arm, surprising them both!

Claire is dedicated to conservation and has volunteered extensively for a variety of organisations, including the RSPB, Durham Wildlife Trust and the Katelios Group for turtle conservation in Kefalonia, Greece. Through RSPB Wildlife Explorers groups, she has also used her teaching experience to instil in children a love of nature and a desire to cherish and protect it. She hopes to inspire others in the same way through her artwork and photography.

Claire’s concern for the environment has led her to look into ways of painting in an eco-friendly way. You can find out more about this in the Nature Blog section. 25% of the profits from her eco paintings are donated to a conservation charity close to Claire’s heart.

Claire's photographs have been published in books and national newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph, while her paintings have been displayed and sold in galleries in the UK and Spain.